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Patented Sump Pump Systems

Installed in Your Home!

Do you have an ugly or potentially hazardous open sump pump pit in your basement? Then it’s time for you to consider upgrading your sump pump to a more reliable package.

A superior sump pump system can keep up with heavy volumes of water while keeping smells and humidity out of the space. Of course, the best sump pump systems can do much, much more. Here’s just a few examples of what makes our sump pump systems stand above the competition:

  • Durable, reliable cast-iron Zoeller sump pumps in every installation
  • Heavy-duty airtight lids that can collect flooded water - even from the basement floor if necessary - without allowing humidity or odors into the home
  • A long-lasting liner that will keep the sump pump running without “short cycling”, which causes sump pumps to burn out quickly.
  • Reliable sump pump alarms that sound off to notify homeowners of possible system failures.
  • Rubber grommets and fittings that ensure minimal noise during operation.
  • CleanPump™ stands for all pumps that will keep from clogging with dirt and debris from the bottom of the sump pump liner.
  • Check valves to keep water from flowing back down the discharge line and into the sump liner when the pump stops pumping.
  • The IceGuard discharge system to protect your system from freezing sump pump discharge lines (optional accessory)

Our Patented TripleSafe Sump Pump System

Featuring Zoeller’s M53 and M98 Pumps and the UlltraSump Battery Backup Sump Pump System!

The TripleSafe sump pump system is our most powerful, reliable, and effective sump pump system. Included with this patented system is the 1/3 horsepower M53 sump pump and the UltraSump battery backup sump pump system. Additionally, the TripleSafe system includes a rugged 1/2 horsepower Zoeller sump pump, which serves as AC back-up, is just what you need to keep your system protected if heavy flooding becomes too much for your primary pump!

This system can keep you protected through it all- sump pump failures, plumbing leaks, bursting washing machine hoses, power outages, blown fuses, and freezing discharge lines. With several lines of defense, you can rest easy, knowing your basement is safe with the most sophisticated system available.

The UltraSump Battery Backup Sump Pump System

Pumps more than 11,500 gallons of water on one charge!

An AC-powered sump pump system runs great- provided that the home it’s installed in has power. However, when that big rainstorm knocks out your power supply, a fuse blows, or the system is accidentally unplugged, it not run, and the basement or crawl space will flood.

That’s where the UltraSump battery backup sump pump system comes in. Running on DC power, it’s ready to kick in and help out when your primary sump pump falls short. One charge of the UltraSump can pump away more than 11,500 gallons of water, and its battery will not lose its charge sitting on your basement floor. Meanwhile, a built-in alarm will sound off, letting you know that the system is working.

The UltraSump doubles as a backup sump pump as well. Should your primary sump experience a mechanical failure, or become clogged, you have an extra line of defense. Add the UltraSump to your existing sump pump system today!

The SuperSump System: Featuring the Zoeller M53

Featuring the Zoeller M53 sump pump, the SuperSump system can pump out more than 2,500 gallons of water every hour from your basement. As a reliable cast-iron submersible sump pump, it includes a written warranty and the backing of a company that’s been making sump pumps for 70 years. Click to learn more about the Zoeller M53 Sump Pump System!

Along with the Zoeller M53, the SuperSump system also includes a durable sump pump liner, a WaterWatch sump pump failure alarm, rubber grommets and fittings for noise reduction, and a check valve for your discharge pipe to ensure that water does not run back down the discharge pipe and back into the sump pit. The sump pump’s lid includes an airtight design to keep humidity from the basement and a special drain that can capture water from a plumbing leak without allowing humidity back out.

Free Estimates on Sump Pump Systems

If you’re interested in updating your sump pump to a new, more effective sump pump system, we have contractors in Connecticut who’d be glad to help you out. Contact us online today for a free sump pump or replacement pump estimate, and take your first step towards a drier, healthier, more energy-efficient home.

If you are out of our area - call or put your name in anyway - we have a referral network of expert basement waterproofing contractors across North America.

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