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Zoeller Cast Iron Basement and

Crawl Space Sump Pumps

Zoeller Sump PumpsDo you have a wet, flooded basement? Are you in need of a replacement sump pump installation in your home? We have the fast, easy, affordable answer you’ve been looking for! Our contractors offer Free Inspections and Estimates on sump pump installation! Call or fill out the form to the right.

We can replace your old or failing sump pump with one of two of Zoeller’s most popular and well-known sump pump models: The efficient M53, or the more powerful Zoeller M98. Free estimates for replacement sump pump installation.

The Zoeller M53 Submersible Sump Pump System

Reliable Dry Basement Protection for Your Home!

The Zoeller M53 is a cast-iron submersible sump pump that’s perfect for application in a basement or crawl space environment. At 1/3 horsepower, this sump pump is rated to pump as much as 2,580 gallons per hour! These ratings are made at a five-foot head, meaning that the pump moves the water 5' high up a pipe before discharging.

The Zoeller M98 Submersible Basement & Crawl Space Pump

Sump Pump Systems for Basement and Crawl Space Flooding!

For basements with a higher volume of flooding, the Zoeller M98 submersible sump is the answer. With a more powerful 1/2 horsepower cast-iron sump pump, is more than 50% more powerful than the Zoeller M53, pumping an impressive 4,320 gallons of water per hour! This is also rated at a five-foot head, allowing it to run at its full rated capacity when pumping water up five feet of vertical PVC pipe.

Both the M98 and M53 Zoeller sump pumps come with a written warranty and can be installed quickly by one of our trained, experienced experts. They’re designed to last for many years, provided they’re kept clean and well-serviced, and are a fantastic replacement product for your existing sump pump system as well as a new basement waterproofing system.

Dependable, Experienced Crawl Space and Basement Contractors

HorsepowerGallons/HourAmperageTypeCast Iron?Written Warranty? 
Zoeller M531/32,5808Submersible PumpYesYes 
Zoeller M981/24,3209.4Submersible PumpYesYes 


If you have a commercial building, need a completely new waterproofing system installed, or are in need of a higher-capacity sump pump system than the M98, we have several options available for you. Contact us today for more sump pump pricing or to contact a basement waterproofing contractor in your area!